1 min readJan 2, 2022

What is Metaverse?

“A combination of multiple elements of technology.” — Metaverse holds the limitless power of innovation & evolution for mankind: A universe where the impossible becomes possible. Here, the magic races of DeFiHorse unfold with loads of surprises.

Steeds from Metaverse

The DeFiHorse steed is the only horse on Earth that is integrated with artificial intelligence and automation. Genetic crossbreeding and quantum technology are used to create a unique physical horse body. Half animal and half-machine, the performance they bring to the race is always mind-blowing.

A Parallel Universe

When everything on Earth is going on, all kinds of daily life activities including entertainment, sports, buying and selling income generation, breed maintenance, and so on are happening simultaneously in Metaverse, a parallel technological space where humans also live in. Let’s step into the wonderland of DeFiHorse and customize your own world.

Welcome to DeFiHorse Metaverse, where you can race, breed, flip the market, make a profit, and own unique NFT assets. With a delicate blend of mythology, creativity, and high technology, DeFiHorse brings the future world to your hands!

Join us for more info: https://linktr.ee/defihorse




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