Partnership Announcement: DeFiHorse x KiwiGROUP

DeFiHorse proudly presents our new partnership with KiwiGROUP! Welcome to the team, KiwiGROUP!

KiwiGROUP is a venture capital firm focusing on DeFi, GameFi and other blockchain projects. They offer a wide range of interesting events, training, and airdrops for investors who want to have an insight into this prosperous and potential field.

KiwiGROUP is also very active on social media where they update market information and Crypto’s latest news. Their social accounts gots 200.000+ subscribers and they have a list of strategic partnerships with VCs and media partners that can support the development of DeFiHorse.

With Kiwi’s enthusiasm, DeFiHorse believes that this partnership will be a big help for us to come closer to the sweets!

Don’t miss out on this wonderful partnership!


Join us for more info:



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