Since the number of participants will be HUGE, here are a few notes:

✦ Each wallet can purchase only 1 box at a time and can purchase 5 times at the maximum.

✦ Mystery Boxes will be transferred to your wallet address immediately upon successful purchase and can be claimed at a website published by DeFiHorse when the game is launched.

✦ The first 1 hour of Heroic sales is only for whitelist winners. After an hour, the purchasing opportunity will expand to all racers for available boxes.

Choose “Connect” to connect your wallet
Accept to connect your wallet with RADA
Your wallet is successfully connected with RADA
Approve to access your BUSD funds
Select “Place Order” to purchase 1 Heroic box
Congratulation! Now you are one of the first 300 racers owning the most wanted steeds — HEROIC

User can claim the NFT on when game is ready.

Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service at or chat with our admins at Telegram chat:



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