2 min readFeb 27, 2022

Congratulation! You are one of the first racers to own exclusive NFTs from DeFiHorse. Now it’s time to claim your NFTs by following the below guidance.

Step 1: Assess, then connect with your BSC wallet. This address must be the one you submit when joining events.

Step 1: Connect your BSC wallet

Step 2: If you log in successfully, there will be a notification, and you will be directed to the claim page. First, check out the “Airdrop Events” section to see the list of your NFTs. Then, click the “Claim” button. You will be directed to the wallet app for approval. Click “Confirmed”. Please note you will be charged some gas fee in BNB for this transaction.

Step 2: Claim your available NFTs under the “Airdrop Events” section

Step 3: Please wait a bit for transition completion on the BSC network. Once it’s completed, you will get the notification of success. Then, check the status under the “Airdrop events” section — “claimed” status means you already successfully claimed your NFTs. Finally, enjoy your NFTs in your wallet!

Step 3: You will get a notification once you claim successfully

Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service at or chat with our admins at Telegram chat:


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