#DeFiHorseWise: Would luxury brands be accepting crypto payments?

Till now, global luxury brands have set foot in the crypto space. Some of them to pay attention to:

▪️ Hublot, Franck Muller and Norqain are accepting crypto payments.
▪️ LVMH, owner of the iconic Louis Vuitton, is among the first few to launch a blockchain to prove high-priced goods’ authenticity. Other brands which are doing so include Gucci and Rimowa.
▪️After Gucci, TAG Heuer or Balenciaga will also accept crypto payments

🦄 The number still grows up continuously.

We believe that widespread adoption of crypto by luxury brands is could have a domino effect, leading to crypto adoption among other sectors in the future. And is proud of our vision as an iconic label of the horserace in the blockchain.

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