We are pleased to announce that our beta game is already launched and welcome all of you guys to join and dive into our Horseverse. Let's explore the game with easy-to-follow 4 steps:

STEP 1: Connect your wallet

  • Access to join in DeFiHorse’s Open Beta.
  • Click on “Start” or “Start Playing” In Homepage to connect your wallet.

Once you are done, your wallet is linked with your account in game, and it will move to the game login interface.

To ensure the best gaming experience, DeFiHorse Beta game is only available on PC.


  • Each BEP-20 wallet address is linked to one account only.

STEP 2: Update your profile

  • After login successfully, go to “Setting” to update your information.

STEP 3: Own your horse

If you don’t have any NFT yet, please buy on our Marketplace.

  • Access “Marketplace” to buy your horse.
  • In the Marketplace, there are a lot of choices for you to buy, choose the horse you want then click “Buy”.

If payment is completed, your horse will appear in the “My stable” feature.

STEP 4: Join the race

  • Access “Racing”, then select the race you want to join.
  • Pick gate and click “Nominate” to choose a horse for this race.
  • Then click “Deposit” to add the fund for racing. Each race will have another fee.

After you complete payment to play, it will move to the game interface.


+ Every 4 hours the system will create a new race for users to join the gate. There will be about 6 races created at a time.

+ 1 minute before each race starts, if there are not enough horses in 12 gates, the system will automatically fill the empty gates from the operating wallets.

Last but not least, after enjoying the races you can check the results at “Result” and see your standing.

If you have any questions about our game, please feel free to ask via our official social channels:



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