Guide To Trade DFH on KyberSwap

DeFiHorse is proud to announce that DeFiHorse Token ($DFH) will be listed on KyberSwap.

☑️ Token Information

  • Name: DeFiHorse

☑️ Instruction for DFH trading

Step 1: Import DFH token into your BSC Wallet

1.1. Click on ‘Import tokens’, located at the bottom of the ‘Assets’ tab on your wallet homepage. On the next page, input the following details:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x5fdAb5BDbad5277B383B3482D085f4bFef68828C

In most cases, the DFH symbol and token decimal will autofill. Then, click ‘Add Custom Token’ to proceed.

1.2. You will now see a page asking you to confirm that you want to add the token. When you click ‘Import Tokens’, DFH will be added to your wallet.

Step 2: Trade BNB/DFH on KyberSwap

2.1. Access KeyberSwap and then connect to your BSC wallet. Select Swap to trade

2.2. Select BNB and DFH to swap from BNB to DFH

You will be asked to paste DFH address: 0x5fdAb5BDbad5277B383B3482D085f4bFef68828C

Check again the DFH contract and then select “Import”

2.3. If you successfully import the DFH token, you will be greeted with the following trading page. Now you can start trading a DFH/BNB pair.

Liquidity pool will be created from 1 PM UTC 13/03/2022 on the same listing day.

☑️ Attention

  • Check the DFH contract carefully before adding tokens and trading to reduce the risk of the community being scammed by fake contracts.

Thank you for trading DFH with us. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our customer service at or chat with our admins at Telegram chat:



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