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Since the DeFiHorse project was released to the community, it has gained massive attention from crypto lovers and racers worldwide. It is premium graphics, attractive storyline, strong backers and partnerships that drive DeFiHorse to become the #1 horse racing game in Metaverse. Since then, the project’s supporters and racers have been looking forward to the day of the initial public sale. DeFiHorse is pleased to announce that our initial public sale will take place from 1 PM 10/3/2022 UTC — 1 PM 13/3/2022 UTC with the IBCO — Initial Bonding Curve Offering method.


Token name: DFH (BSC BEP20)

Total Proceed: 6.680.000 DFH


DFH token is the ticket to enter our DeFiHorse Metaverse, helping monitor and govern all Play-to-Earn activities such as:

  • NFT Purchases: DFH will be used as a means to purchase exclusive racehorse NFTs, racecourses. The number of NFTs made available for purchase will be proportional to the amount of DFH in circulation.
  • Gameplay Entry Fees: Players pay DFH as an entry fee for all of the gameplay modes
  • Gameplay Rewards: A portion of the gameplay fees collected in each race will be used as player rewards, to be granted to participating players based on their race performance. A portion of the gameplay fee will also be paid as dividends to the track’s owners.
  • Staking: Players can stake DFH itself, and in return receive additional DFH dividends as well as NFTs.

The total supply of DFH tokens to be minted is 668.000.000 DFH. These tokens will be distributed to stakeholders within the ecosystem based on different vesting schedules since the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Refer to the below infographic or access our website for more information:


Our Goals

A fair start is critical to building trust with our community early in the project life cycle. Without a fair launch and the potential for bot operation, a token launch could turn into a disaster, with potential community members lost forever. Hence, as a leading horse racing game in Metaverse, DeFiHorse is aiming to achieve these goals for our initial public sales:

  • Sniper Bot and Bidding Bot resistant
  • No pumps and dumps by whales
  • Equal and fair market buy-in price
  • Open & Transparent
  • Grow our community by allowing as many new community members to join as possible. A successful game needs hundreds of thousands of members.


IDO stands for Initial DEX Offering and this method is quite popular in the Crypto world. Despite the popularity, there are still a few noticeable disadvantages that concern many investors.

Despite the popularity, there are still a few noticeable disadvantages that concern many investors. Such as:

  • Low rates of purchasing chances: Due to very high profits for investors at the peak of the IDO transaction on DEX, the number of participants is no joke. Unfortunately, the slot is limited which led to the increase of the competition rate and the chance to actually get to purchase is super low.
  • The lack of clearness in the whitelist system: In order to join the whitelist you will have to do some required tasks and you will be chosen randomly. Eventually, there will be involvement of bots and tools which can be considered as cheating. In the end, the whitelist has finally lost its fairness.
  • The risk of holding for the IDO: Indeed, IDO is the golden ticket for those who want to turn their small capital into a huge one. However, with high profits, there is also a risk associated with it. Because that may be the shortest way to help you increase your capital, but if you are not careful, it will also make your efforts return to the starting point.

Our Solution

IBCO stands for Initial Bonding Curve Offering, just another funding method for Public Sale rounds, using cryptocurrency, like ICO / IDO. And IBCO totally solves the problems of the ICO & IDO method.

Instead of following the fixed ICO / IDO prices, IBCO uses a bonding curve as its name. Bonding Curve’s concept is basically, the price of tokens depends on its current supply. The more funding raised in Public sale rounds, the higher prices at that time.

💡 Let’s go through the following examples to understand how IBCO pricing works:
Assumption: 1000 DFH tokens are initially sold in IBCO, starting at $0.65 per token.
In the 1st interaction, person A contributes $650. There are now $650 and 1000 DFH tokens in the sale contract. Therefore, the current price of each DFH token is $0.65.
In the 2nd interaction, person B contributes $650. There are now $1300 and still 1000 DFH tokens in the sale contract. Hence, the current price of each DFH token is $1.3.
In the 3rd interaction, person A withdraws $325. There are now $1175 and 1000 DFH tokens in the sale contract. As a result, the current price of each DFH token is $1.175.

The IBCO method can calculate directly the regards from the community for the DeFiHorse project, and the price of the DFH token is shown instantly.


  • Automatize and decentralize mechanisms.

An IBCO is programmed mathematically and automated. Specifically, by Smart Contracts, which means it doesn’t require manual management from a centralized organization.

  • All participants — One price.

The token price will be the same for all the participants based on the amount of contribution to the funds which is counted by the percentage calculated based on the Total Token Supply and Final Price.

  • No need for bots or front-running.

There are no benefits for the front-running contribution to the funds due to the nature of IBCOs so eventually, there’s no point in using bots or other similar automated methods to reserve a spot in the sale. In the end, The final is decided by the market participants within the given time of the IBCO.

  • The ability to optionally withdraw contributed funds

Participants will be able to withdraw their committed funds at any point in the last 72 hours during the IBCO’s live event but alongside some withdrawal restrictions applied to contributions made above 1 DFH in total value. These restrictions are made to prevent price manipulation by large capitals(Which will be discussed further in the following subject).

  • No Whale Pump & Dumping or Price Manipulation

We will establish a “conviction contribution amount” in our IBCO contract to prevent price manipulation, especially from well-capitalized participants. Eventually, the more BUSD you contribute, the less percentage of funds you can withdraw, or in other words, the higher your “locked conviction amount” will remain in the contract.

This method can prevent whales who only take part in the event to inflate the price of DFH tokens, where they commit large sums of BUSD then withdraw at the very last minute in order to acquire a major amount of DFH tokens committed for IBCO at a cheaper price than the actual fair market value.

💡 Let’s take the below example:

If person A contributes 2.000 BUSD, the locked conviction amount will be 600 BUSD. It means that person A can only withdraw a maximum of 1.400 BUSD if he would like to withdraw a part of his contribution amount.

If person B contributes 100.000 BUSD, the locked conviction amount will be 50.000 BUSD, and the maximum withdrawable amount is 50.000 BUSD.

The same mechanism will be applied to person C when he contributes 200.000 BUSD. Cause the amount he contributes is higher than person A and B, his percentage of locked amount will be higher than those of person A and B also. In this example, 97% of his fund will be locked.

Example of conviction contribution mechanism (figure in BUSD)

Please note the exact breakdown of the percentage of conviction contribution will be clearly shown on the IBCO website prior to your contribution during the IBCO, so you can easily check up and carefully make decisions based on the provided information.


Users are independent, self-reliant, and self-responsible for complying with the law, tax, obligations, and others in accordance with their place of residence and/or nationality whenever holding or trading Tokens via DeFiHorse.

To prevent affecting the potential long term success of DeFiHorse and our IBCO, we have to restrict the resident of some areas where participation in token sales is prohibited, restricted, or unauthorized by applicable law, decree, regulation, treaty, or administrative act, or where it is likely that the sale of the Tokens would be construed as the sale of a security (howsoever named), financial service or investment product.

These countries include the United States of America, Albania, Barbados, Burkina Faso, Balkans, Belarus Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Jamaica, Malta, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Senegal, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Jordan, Mali, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Turkey.


Step-by-step guidance will be published soon. Stay tuned for more news regarding our public sale and other details!


This data is connected with the game plan, token plan and game ecosystem that we wanted to carry out. In any case, considering that the game is as of now being developed, a portion of the arranged highlights could possibly make it into the last game.

The project is presently going through the plan and testing process. DeFiHorse will make a ultimate race in VVIP style as the #1 premium horse-racing game in the Metaverse. Hence, we will make the essential features to guarantee that we are acquainting with the world but not breaking the game rules or the economy or both. The data doesn’t give either advice, portrayal, guarantee, accreditation, assurance or connection with DFH tokens or any utilizations thereof, nor does it give a deal or consent to go into any exchange.

Acquiring/holding/owning/using DFH tokens doesn’t promise you any sort of profits. Getting DFH tokens doesn’t furnish you with any privileges in any ward. DFH tokens are not money but rather an Internet digital asset that can be utilized exclusively in the DeFiHorse biological system. DeFiHorse will not be responsible for any damages of other individuals emerging out of or in any associations with DFH tokens.

In case that you disagree with any part of this disclaimer kindly, please look for independent financial advice or other professional advice then decide to acquire/hold/own/use DFH tokens or not.

This is not financial advice, you should consider your own choices based on the data shared below. Defihorse will create a new era of NFT games!

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